If you find a device like the MediTouch that works for you, it is worth the investment, That certainly aided my rehabilitation. If it helps you live your life and do basic things like cooking and cleaning and getting yourself dressed, how much is that worth? It is worth a huge amount.

Andrew Marr

BBC Journalist, Sunday Telegraph UK

I’ve tried so many things and I thought it was another equipment…

Alex Dixon

I think MediTouch is one of the best things I have ever done with Mark because it actually got him moving because he realizes that things are getting better.

Mark Manis

The MediTouch products allow patients to use the range that they have or the amount of movment they have to control video games and it really is hugely benefitial because it is very motivating, very interesting and can really help in rehabilitation

Maureen Adams

MS OTR, Kennedy Krieger Institute

The games, the challenges’ the movment biofeedback. It is a great tool that can help the therapist achieve much more. The glove works on different deficits simultaneously.

Dr. Jan Jack Vatin

Deputy Director at Reuth Medical Center